About us

Our Vision:  We are Maldivians, obsessively passionate about aiming for a global reach, to make a lasting impact on women's well-being among all communities.

Our mission: To help women make constructive and healthy changes to their lives, in order to promote a sense of self-worth & add value to their community.  

Our Women's Blog is all about women's Lifestyle, Wellness, Food, Fashion, Beauty & it  also includes inspirational experiences on parenting, relationships, mental health, love, hope & courage.

Our selective products are centered around and focused on making the lives of women important, appreciated and pampered.

We also offer specially curated Spa Packages & Holiday Packages to the Maldives. And hopefully in future we will include other lovely destinations from around the world.

All Proceedings Help Single Maldivian Mothers To Rise Above Poverty♥ 


We continuously search and explore on the challenges women face; at work, home, being a daughter, a sister, a wife or a mother. 

We find that the number of related cases and articles on the subject to be quite overwhelming.

The more we think about it, the more we realize that we are meant to change the world, for the better.

And so we at Pamper in Maldives (PIM) insiders decided, to do our part, by helping women change their world, for the better.

 Women need not feel disadvantaged. 

Together women should encourage one another to make the world a great place.

And to make it happen we need commitment and support from great women – just like yourself.  

This is a #shoutout to all women, to make a contribution to help all your sisters, who are raising their kids alone.

These children need protection, support and  access to equal opportunities as other children in the society.

How can you help?

Women add value to the community. 

A lot of females have great ideas for businesses, or a desire to build careers!

We aim to aid women start-ups to support their entrepreneurship. To make it a reality.

We are calling out to all home cooks, bakers, soap makers, writers, designers, decorators, hoteliers(guesthouses), photographers, artists, teachers, jewelry makers, hand crafts, hairdressers, accountants, lawyers, fitness trainer, wedding planner, interior designer, shop owners....etc to share your tips & experiences.

It's really easy, all you have to do is send us a text or note or a list or an article about a business tip or hack you are familiar with. Or about a life lesson or life experiences.

Believe us, it can help a fellow sister make a significant change in her work & life, to make it more meaningful.  

SUBSCRIBE  to Women's Blog or you can also email us at info@pamperinmaldives.com You can also use the Whatsapp button below.

We will verify and publish all your contributions & donations right here!  

By doing that you are promoting women's sense of self-worth!

The ability to determine their own choices, and the right to influence social change for you and others. 

Thanks again for stopping by at our place.

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