How do I exit from my family WhatsApp group without hurting their feeling?

How do I exit from my family WhatsApp group without hurting their feeling?

Here is how I left a toxic group!

Sadly enough it was my family group and some of the members were deliberately posting content that was rather hurtful for most of us.

Following is my last message in the group.

Dear All,

I have come to believe that being an active (passive most of the time) participant of this group has become quite detrimental for my peace of mind.

In truth I feel there is an awful lot of unwarranted covert aggressiveness going on in this group by posting stuff that is neither respectful nor kind.

In fact in a group consisting of many individuals such ambiguous posts can be directed at just anybody. And in all honesty it can provoke quite a hurtful response I am sure most of you would agree.

My intention is not to change anyone’s mind but I am a person who strongly supports the notion that a just life is a better life, at least a happier one.

So before I leave this group I wanted to tell you all that I love you all as family and that I can always be reached at my number for one to one chats.

I also ask all of you to forgive me for any ill or wrong that I may have done or caused.

I hope and pray that in time we will find the heart to forgive each other and love each other - like family!


Bowing out gracefully.

Your's truly,



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