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Fix your posture to look sexier

Fix your posture to look sexier

Want to look more confident, attractive & fabulous!

The way a woman carries herself tells a lot about her.


It showcases her self confidence, her style - a real woman of substance!

Standing tall and straight makes you look friendly, helpful and in control of yourself. It's not just a job requirement in the service industry but people will find you more reachable and reliable at the same time.

In the corporate world your posture acts as an essential component. It's guaranteed to get you the kind of attention you need when you command authority. Not talking about being bossy here ok - maybe a tidbit of office-flirting. 

So in order to strike the pose you need to try this standing in front of a mirror. Pssst, please wear something appropriate - I meant something sexy and hugging your figure and heels - definitely! 

First, keep your head held high. Take a deep breath and lift your chest out. You will notice that your tummy automatically tucks in. Now arch your back, buttocks out and keep your shoulders leveled. Caution: don't forget to breathe!

Now strut around and ask yourself how you look & it makes you feel?

Confident, Sexy, Attractive, Bold & Beautiful - for sure! 

Try the same posture while sitting down and stick to it every day - even when nobody is around. After a while it will become second nature for you. 

For those who spend a great part of the day sitting down at work needs to know that prolonged hours of sitting can ruin your body shape!

You need to tell your boss to provide you with a good chair, one that comes with proper back support like this one she is sitting on at tynor ! Bargain with your boss and tell them that you need to take care of your spine - honestly, it's also your life line!

Not only that we need to stop the habit of Netflix-ing, laptopping and playing with your smartphone?

All that prolonged sitting and scrolling ruins your wrists not to mention all that hunching surely needs to be set on reverse. 

See if this works!

Once every hour before you get up for that water or coffee break, just stand up, move around and stretch a little bit. 

And as for those who really want to bring about a more permanent change to their posture, try to do a few minutes, say 5 -10 minutes of stretching before you start the day and before you retire to bed at night. 

If you don't have a clue as how to properly do stretches, you can check out the following suggestions.

There are all sorts of stretching videos on youtube and there are a great many free apps on Google Play  Read the reviews and go for one you feel is right for your needs.

Doing stretches consistently has been found to improve your posture, give you taut skin and tone your body shape.

Effective stretching boosts good blood flow circulation and hence works great for your flexibility and libido in bed. It improves your mood and help you sleep better.

There are some great many activities to choose from in order to improve your body posture.

You may pick one or combine them together as you like - but honestly just any one of them will do, you just need to go for one you really like!

You can choose from Dancing, Walking, Hiking, Swimming, Yoga, Jogging, Home workouts, Treadmills, Body weight workouts, Weight training and so on.

Find a routine that works for you but do stick to it.

Maintaining a good body weight proportion not only helps make you look more attractive - it's great for your health and wellness too.   

Ok! So we all know now it's bad to slouch and it's not always easy to be mindful about it!

So how do you go on to keep reminding yourself to stop slouching??? 

This little hack works out for some!

Yep! Pics & Selfies pasted or framed at your workstation and home, like the above ones, tend to prompt you to straighten up! 

And for some of us slouching pics works just as well! 

Wish you all the best.


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